GeoSystems International, Inc., will make a site visit to review:

Mineral Resources and Reserves

Plan of Execution

Fatal Flaw Reviews

GeoSystems International, Inc., will make a 1-3 day site visit and will conduct a cursory review to determine the adequacy of the database and procedures used. Areas which present risks to project or mine viability will be flagged and GeoSystems will make recommendations as to additional data collection procedures or investigations which should be performed before a final decision to proceed with further investment or operations is made.

Ordinarily, the fatal flaw audit is made during preliminary discussions as to project/mine acquisition or financing, and there will be sufficient time to remedy problems before a decision is taken to proceed. It will typically last 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the size of the project.

Detailed Audits and Reviews

GeoSystems International, Inc., will normally spend one to three weeks making a thorough review of data available and procedures used. GeoSystems will make spot checks at key points in the flow of data to ensure that the procedures have been followed. GeoSystems will comment as to the adequacy of the database and procedures followed as a basis for making and investment decision. Risk areas will be identified and quantified to the extent possible by independent evaluation of the data.

Ordinarily, the audit will be performed on behalf of a financial institution at or near the completion of the feasibility study. The report will be used to support investment decision making by third parties. The audit can take 1 to 3 months, depending on size and complexity of the project.